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The rubbish bag is a functional product. It’s not a simple plastic bag, it’s a product that fulfils the functions of storage and transportation, uses expectations in terms of strength, practicality and drip.

These days the environment is everyone's business, Palboplast is a pioneer of the market for rubbish bags, it makes available to all consumers a wide range of environmentally friendly bags.

Furthermore, our bags are made with 100% recycled material, which helps us protect the environment and they are extremely resistant, to drip and practices.

Historically, Palboplast has always been willing to offer its customers quality products.


Seeks and develops new materials, and at our R & D lab optimize their manufacturing processes to leave nothing to chance.


All our plastic waste generated by our industrial activity and even the plastic packaging of raw materials that come into our facilities are recycled at our recycling facilities and recycled polyethylene reinstated the production process.


The incorporation into the production process as raw material of recycled material obtained by processing of industrial waste, has a considerable effect on reducing the environmental impact due to the decrease in consumption of non-renewable materials.


Palboplast established as a priority in their business the quality and respect for the Environment, Health and safety.


In our facilities we have the most advanced machinery on the market with a large production capacity and a group of qualified professionals with high level of training and responsibility, which has enabled us to maintain a constant evolution and reach levels of quality and professionalism that we currently offer.

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